Our Top 5 Posts of 2016 [Health & Fitness]

Our most popular posts of 2016 were surprising… At least SOME of them! We had workouts, recipes and even a little mindset and inspiration in there, but most importantly, you guys LOVED them!

Maybe you missed some of these, or you would just like to go back and revisit them. Take a look over our top 5 posts of 2016 below…

VIDEO: Full Body Fat Blaster Workout

If you’re wanting a 25-minute fat-blasting workout from home you’re in the right place because today I’ll be taking you though a video workout you can follow along with… So let’s get started shall we? Click the link above to join in on this fat blaster workout!


RECIPE: Deluxe Banana Chocolate Mousse

When I first heard you could make a “healthy” chocolate mousse from nothing more than 4 ingredients, I was like, “Where do I sign up??!!”

In the next 2-minutes you could be tasting this luxurious chocolate mousse, so let’s stop talking and start making!

Click the link above to grab the recipe!


The #1 Thing Most Exercisers Avoid But Should Do. Mobility Explained…

In this short post we’re not talking about exercise, we’re talking about this often overlooked aspect of putting together an effective training program that most people miss (or avoid)…

Today you’ll learn what that is and we’ll also provide you with a short demo to ensure you’re getting the most from your training. What’s it called? Mobility training! Click the link above to check it out and join in on the workout!

RECIPE: Peanut Butter Date Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you love peanut butter cookies you’ll love these peanut butter and date chocolate chip cookies that are made from healthy wholefood plant-based ingredients (except the chocolate chips) which just happen to have a healthy dose of protein in them too.

They only take 5-minutes to make and are gluten, dairy-free, vegan friendly, and ready to eat in 30-minutes total!

Let’s make them! Click the link above to grab the recipe!


And the last but not least, top 5 post of 2016?

How Failure Guaranteed My Fat Loss Success

Let me share with you a quick story about how I overcame many challenges during my first year of joining the gym, and as you read this think about how some of these may apply to your fitness journey right now…

Hit the button above and read this motivational post.

Okay, so we hope you enjoyed our top 5 posts of 2016 and found them helpful!

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Julia Rose

Julia-Rose is passionate about the healing powers of a plant-based diet and the body-transforming effects of functional strength training. She loves creating delicious new recipes, and fun workouts as a Personal Trainer, Online Coach & Founder of PLANT PHYSIQUE.