Top 3 Easy Vegan Tofu Recipes for 2017!

Tofu is one of those exciting new foods we get to discover on our journey to a healthier, happier body fuelled with plant based goodness! Unfortunately unless you have some epic cookbooks or few very clever vegan/vegetarian friends you find yourself wondering why and how all of these friends stomach the squishy, spongy, tasteless block […]

How To Transform Your Day With This Morning Trick…

You’re probably reading this thinking we’re talking about some sort of strange morning ritual (and we are kinda), but today I wanted to share with you one simple morning trick I do that sets up my day to be… Awesome! Would you like to learn what it is? Read on… Have you heard of Tim […]

Empowered Eating – Breakthrough NLP Workshop

If you’ve been struggling to stay on track with your eating while wanting to reach your health and fitness goals this workshop is for you… Date: March 18th 9am – 1pm Location: PLANT PHYSIQUE Riccarton, Christchurch IN THIS 1 DAY ACTION PACKED WORKSHOP YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: Breakthrough the neurological patterns that cause you […]

Top 3 Plant-Based Healthy Cooking Tips

You’re rattling around in the kitchen attempting to decide what you want to eat for dinner and you have a lightbulb moment… But then your flash of inspiration is replaced by a brick wall with the realization that you don’t know how to make mac n cheese without using ‘cheese’! Okay, we’ve got you covered! […]

Don’t Make This 1 Mistake That Sabotages Fitness Success

I was just speaking with a client and after speaking with hundreds of ladies over the years about their health and fitness goals (and progress), patterns start to show up and you can almost feel what the person will say next… In saying that have you ever found yourself starting a fitness journey, making progress, […]

Top 3 Training Apps That Will Guarantee Your Results in 2017

If you’re reading this then you’ve tried a lot of training strategies in the past and you’re wanting to guarantee your results for 2017. So here are 3 training apps we think are must-have’s to get the results you want. Let’s take a look at the first app this list… 1. MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal is an app […]

Join our Fit for Xmas Workout Plan


Great news! You can have fun and enjoy all your social events from now until the new year and still squeeze your workouts in. Actually, keeping your training up will most probably aid you surviving the silly season. The best part is, we’re here to help! Instead of ditching your fitness and healthy habits, we’re […]

The Body Toning Workout Routine from Home for Women


Today we have a body toning workout routine you can do from home that’s designed to help you tone up and firm your arms legs and waistline so you can feel comfortable and happy in those jeans or that evening wear that’s been collecting dust in your wardrobe (so let’s get started!) If you enjoyed […]

Academy of Nutrition Updates Stance on Vegan Diets (2016)


The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics has just updated their stance on vegan diets in 2016 with the following statement… “Vegetarian and vegan diets are healthful, may prevent and treat chronic diseases, and are better for the environment, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of nutrition professionals. Researchers updated […]

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