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Get 9 sessions with a Personal Trainer over 21 days, our fat melting nutrition plan, support,  motivation,  accountability and community group access - only $97

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Have you ever been to a gym and thought... "I'm just not getting the results I want” or “I feel like just another number” or “I don’t know what to eat, so I don’t know how to lose weight”? We've heard it all before and that’s why we started the PLANT PHYSIQUE; for real people who want real results. You just wanted to flatten your stomach, tone your arms,  and lift your booty  and you wanted it fast for that upcoming event. This is why we created the  21 DAYS PROGRAM aka our Transformation Challenge.

We understand it can be overwhelming even choosing a place to start let alone the right program for you. So at Plant Physique we have created the 21day program to kickstart you off into your new health and fitness lifestyle.

But what if I am a complete beginner?

Our studio is the perfect place for all levels of fitness to start. Our PT's work with clients who are completely new to fitness everyday. They are caring and approachable and will help guide you, teach you and motivate you through your 21days with us!

You will get opportunities to train with other ladies who are new to fitness and also some of our long term members - it is so inspiring to see just how far they have come in their time with us!

I am feeling a little self conscious about beginning to exercise, how do I over come this?

We are a female only facility with female only staff, so most Women who train here find this is much easier for them to feel relaxed! We also have no mirrors and our culture is supportive and encouraging. We pride ourselves on having a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. 

What about my previous injuries?

We do a complete pre health questionnaire before you start and ensure your trainer is across any injuries or medical concerns you may have. We work with clients who have varied injuries and medical issues and most of the time we can work around anything - sometimes with a little interaction from a Doctor or Physio but anything is possible!

Our trainers can also help you with rehabilitation ,mobility, re-gaining functional movement and strengthening your pelvic floor pre and post pregnancy


Want to transform your body fast

and have a Personal Trainer hold your hand and kick your butt if you don't turn up.

Want a specific meal plan

customized to your goals and requirements.

Want to be in a community

of supportive people striving for the same goal, and learn the mindset strategies to stay on track.

Want to be guaranteed results

for once in your life or get your money back.

And best of all... You could WIN $150 cold hard cash!




  • You get 9 sessions with a Personal Trainer
    over 21 days of the program.
  • Fast paced fat burning strength circuits
    designed to tone your body.
  • Specific exercises to lift your booty
    and get you the stomach you dream of.
  • Morning & evening sessions from 6am to 8pm
    every half-hour so you can train anytime - no excuses.
  • Easy to use booking system 
  •  Female only trainers
    Feel comfortable and encouraged while you each your goals!


  • Our 2 pronged fat melting nutrition plan
    for maximum fat loss and toning
  • Prong 1, food types blast unwanted fat
    and stabilizes your metabolism
  • Prong 2, food quantity to boost your energy 
    levels and metabolism and you get to kick those kgs to the the curb
  •  Our nutrition even includes some chocolate
    and ice-cream ,this isn't 21days of misery and restriction.
  • Guidance and Meal Plans
    Your coach is with you every step of the way from recipes, plans, shopping lists and much more!
  • Suitable for all diets, allergies and intolerances
    Meal plans can be tailored to the individual 

What Some of Your Training will Look Like

Best of all... You could win $150 like these guys

If you've read this far then you are contemplating signing up, but maybe you have reservations about starting?


9 sessions with a Personal Trainer

over 21 days of the program.


plan for getting toned and firm fast.

Private Facebook group access

for support outside of your sessions.

Goal setting and measurements

taken to ensure consistent progress.

Why are you offering a money back guarantee?

We believe in business you are only as good as your product, and our product is to change your body and your life, if we fail to do that, I don’t believe we deserve to be paid. Different I know, but this is PLANT PHYSIQUE values and as a family, we don’t like to let you down.

Is it really all of this for only $97?

​You bet.

For less than a coffee a day you can get all this plus guaranteed results in 21 days!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Michaela Ferguson

"Would totally recommend this challenge to anyone. To me it was more than just getting results; it was a lifestyle change. PLANT PHYSIQUE has given me a new outlook on nutrition and exercise and I feel great! More energy and a positive attitude towards healthy eating and exercise. My personal trainer was fantastic! So positive, encouraging and supportive. This program has definitely given me the kick start I needed to a healthier life!"

Emma Clarke

"Have had the most amazing time doing the 21 day challenge! The whole food plant based diet is something I wish I tried earlier as the results are instant! My trainer always had varied workouts - I was amazed how much you can get through in just 30 mins! Definitely recommend Plant Physique and can't wait to start my next challenge with them!"

Heather Moore

"Failing with different diets coupled with an old injury meant I had hit morbidly obese and I couldn't see how this was going to change. A friend talked me into doing the challenge and I'm astounded how well the program works. No sugar cravings which had been my nemesis. Going from virtually no exercise to 3 sessions a week was really hard work but the results have been so worth it! Thanks to Plant Physique."


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Where Are You Located?

PLANT PHYSIQUE is located at 14 Acheron Drive, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, NZ


We are so confident in our  21 Days Program, that if you don't get results, we will refund your $97*.  What have you got to lose?

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

 Shannon Dyke 


I'm so glad I joined the 21 day challenge. My trainer has been amazing and inspires me to push myself. She's also let my daughter join in (safely!), which has been a wonderful thing to do with her. I've had some great results and I have decided to join the 20 week program, which I don't think I would have done if I didn't have such a great trainer :) I was an avid meat-eater so the plant-based diet scared me and I thought it would be really difficult, but it really isn't. And my body feels great and healthy. I highly recommend this.

Robyn Boswell


All I wanted when I signed up for the 21 day challenge, was to loose the bulge, the high blood pressure and just to do something different. I also didn't know at the time that it was based on the philosophy / lifestyle of the whole-food plant based eating but this soon became the advantage and the game changer I and many others in my group needed. I placed my faith in Plant Physique in all they asked my to do AND if you dare take the 21 day challenge, I believe you will be truly transformed in so many ways. Just give it a go for 21 days - you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. After my 21 days of fantastic training, great atmosphere, great advice and coaching, I feel more energised, I have more determination, more motivation and most of all, I have come out of the 21 day challenge just determined to keep this lifestyle and so much that I have now signed up for the 20 week challenge. The point of difference IS the whole-food plant based eating lifestyle mixed with the fantastic gym routines which becomes everything I now live for, you'll see". Thanks so much to everyone at Plant Physique!! Keep up the good work!!

Katie Bruce


I have just completed my 21 day challenge and I feel fabulous! I'm feeling so motivated now to keep myself active and I've really enjoyed discovering a whole new way of eating. All the lovely trainers are so helpful and ready to offer advice and genuinely love to help! Great being in a friendly and supportive environment plus I could take my wee man along too when he wasn't at pre-school! Thanks for giving me the kick up the bum I needed to break all my not-so-good habits!

 Joanna Den Hollander


Training at Plant Physique has been an awesome experience, I've just completed the 21 Day Challenge and as a health conscious person who already works out regularly I was to be honest a little skeptical of seeing much in the way of results but my skepticism was totally misplaced, Julia, Rach and Trudy pushed me to redefine the limits of what I thought I was capable of and the level at which I was training while being supportive of and providing modifications that catered to a historic injury, I'm eating more vegetables than I ever thought possible and I've lost inches off my hips and waist which blew me away given it's only been three weeks, looking forward to my continued training with Plant Physique, seriously do the 21 Day Challenge, you won't regret it

 Nicole Dench


Wow! I feel like a new woman, just about finished the 21day challenge and it has been an amazing investment! I am stronger, happier and more confident! I've lost 13inches of fat and 5kg in 17 days! Eating plant based wholefoods has opened up a new world for me. The trainers are beautiful people who went above and beyond for me, thank you xx