“I had my measurements taken at day 1 and day 14 and I was already a dress size down! Only 2 weeks into 3!”

I'm just at the end of doing their 1st intake of the Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days Program at their Christchurch studio. When I read stuff like this on Facebook my first thoughts are always must be a scam. However I like to go as far as I can without putting down any money or actual commitments etc.

Plant physique want nothing down until you start the program, which is fantastic because it never screamed too good to be true. The gym is small but has enough room and tools for the small groups they take on each intake. Nick and Julia are genuinely really awesome people. I've had Nick as a PT and he will push you, but in the best way! There is great support out of the gym, Nick normally sends a txt every other day and posts on Facebook daily.The price of the plan is very reasonable for what is provided. I've actually done the math a few times and I don't know if they make much profit from the 21 Day Challenge. It's not a lot to give but a lot to get.

I had measurements taken at Day 1 and Day 14 and I was already a dress size down! Only 2 weeks into 3! My feedback is to definitely give it a go if you can commit to 3 x 30min training sessions a week! The image is after I completed their transformation training.

Odette Rose

Personal Training client

"I've seen MASSIVE improvements..."

Nick has helped me a lot with achieving my goals.

It’s been great I’ve seen massive improvements and he has given me programs which I can work with easily. He lets me know why I’m doing things as well and this is an important part for me.

Great trainer thanks a lot Nick!

Sean O'Connell

Personal Training client

“The workouts are great and always different!”

Julia and Nick have been amazing helping me on my journey to become more fit and healthy.

The workouts are great and always different this along with the support and advice they give you about lifestyle changes creates such a postive and encouraging environment to be a part of.

I can't wait to continue on with them and see what else I can achieve.

Tatiana Russell

Personal Training client

“I lost 22.5 inches and 5.7kg on the transformation training...”

Nick was my trainer and he was good at motivating me!

I lost 22.5 inches and 5.7kg on the transformation training. Fantastic results!

I cant say enough about these guys!

Tania Watene

Personal Training client

"12 kilos lighter in only 12 weeks...”

Nick is the best trainer I have ever worked with!

Before I started with Nick I was overweight, always tired, I had no energy and I wasn’t very happy with how I looked. While working with Nick, my results have been very impressive! I didn’t think I would be 12 kilos lighter in only 12 weeks and I have so much more energy and I have a lot more strength which I didn’t even know I had. I also have a lot more confidence in how I look now. My results were to drop weight and to gain muscle, and to be a lot fitter to be able to wear clothes better.

Nick has motivated, helped and guided me along the way, and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done. I’m very impressed with the results that I have so far!

Wade Todd

Personal Training client


I firstly started with Plant Physique doing their 21 day drop a size program with Nick as my trainer.

I loved it so much that I am now in week 10 of my transformation training. I have come such a long way from nearly passing out in my first lesson to being fitter, stronger and losing 9.7kgs (so far) and kicking through them sessions.

I have a great trainer that helps me push myself as well as motivating me mentally to hit them goals! ABSOLUTELY recommend Plant Physique to those that want to live a healthier, fitter life!

Nick and Julia are such lovely people that you would never want to stop and carry on!

Lagi Sepuloni

Personal Training client

“Amazed at the results that can be achieved...”

I completed the 21 day challenge and was amazed at the results that can be achieved in a short time. Julia does an awesome job at pushing you so you can achieve the results your after.

I have enjoyed the training sessions that much that I am staying on to do the transformation training that starts next week. Can't wait to get back to full strength, thanks Julia!

Rachel Harrison

Personal Training client

“Awesome positive attitude is contagious!”

One of the things I love about Julia is that she really practices what she preaches.

Whole foods plant based diet (always posts of food pictures and recipes on their PLANT Physique site) and balanced with exercise. The other thing I love about Julia is that you can see she is really into it all. Whenever I train with her she is always doing some exercises herself and really gets involved, doesn't just stand back and watch.

I have been doing PT sessions with Julia for 7 - 8 weeks now, 3 times per week and every time I have had a different work out. No chance of getting bored. Her awesome positive attitude is contagious!

Sarah Ahlers

Personal Training client

“The guys are great and the results are amazing! 10/10...”

What an amazing program. Loved every minute of it, the full and fast workouts are perfect for a busy schedule and the guys are great and the results are amazing! 10/10.

So far I've lost 39 inches from my entire body in just 9 weeks. Wow!

Kirsty Anderson

Personal Training client

“I'm now 55kg instead of 75 and loving being fit...”

Before I met Nick I had no confidence in what I wore or myself. After having a baby I had tried every possible weight loss program to lose the baby fat and nothing seemed to be working.

Nick taught me how go about losing weight. He pushed me giving me great results, the kind of results I had been looking for. I’m now 55 kg instead of 75 and loving being fit. I now feel confident and so happy in the person I’ve become. He’s taught me so much and given me a better attitude to healthy eating and exercise and now I weigh less than I did before I even had my daughter!

Thanks to Nick’s help I feel great about myself and now have a much better outlook on life. So thanks so much Nick for all you help – it’s meant a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you to create a whole new me!

Gracce Stewart

Personal Training client

“I feel energized, healthier and more comfortable and confident in my own skin!”

I woke up one morning and thought hmm my current life isn’t doing me great.

I partied up to 2 nights a week. I ate junk food up to 3 times a day, I was always sick, My job was stressful, my skin and hair was crap and I felt awful.

Now after working with Nick, I'm leaner and have no stomach upsets. I feel energized, healthier and more comfortable and confident in my own skin!

And yes, you guessed it! Now I help others achieve their own fitness goals!


Personal Training client turned trainer

“I lost 6kg and down a dress size...”

Just finished the Transformation Training with PLANT PHYSIQUE...

I lost 6kg, 9" and down a dress size. Feeling great, running more, comfy in smaller clothes and motivated to carry on with increasing fitness and another 5kg fat loss.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and motivation Nick.

Jude Hill

Online Training client

“The first week blew my mind and every week after that...”

Before I worked with Nick I had been working on loosing the rest of the fat round my body for months and unfortunately wasn't getting any results. It was very frustrating and I thought I was doing all of the right things.

While I worked with Nick I saw results straight away. The first week blew my mind and every week after that there was change after change, it was so awesome to see. What I enjoyed most about the program was the base of knowledge I gained, it wasn't just about the fat loss but having the knowledge and understanding about my body and the way it works.

After I worked with Nick I lost cms around most of my body and I gained a new found confidence. My journey hasn't ended yet but it's one that I will continue to learn on and I plan on continuing and doing more transformation training!

Katie Spring

Online Training client

“I have lost 5.6kg of the weight and kept it off...”

Before working with Nick my results were up and down, I would lose weight but then always put it back on the month later.

Working with Nick has changed that. The constant support and motivation means I have lost 5.6kg of the weight and kept it off. I still have a few kgs to go but I'm getting there!

Fiona Sutherland

Online Training client

“I loved it soo much I stayed on...”

I completed the 21 day Challenge with Nick and loved it soo much I stayed on to do the transformation training following.

Nick is not only supportive but gives you the knowledge and tools to make lifestyle, fitness and dietary changes stick. He is tough and pushes you to be better - he just does it with a smile . Thanks Nick!

Juliette Proctor

Personal Training client

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